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IT Solutions and Professional Services

JCom (UK) Ltd have been providing IT Solutions and Professional Services to organisations across the UK and Europe for 20 years. JCom has built long term relationships with many of the world’s foremost hardware and software companies including Dell, Microsoft, VMWare, Citrix, etc.

A great advantage to you is our independence. JCom’s Managed and Professional Services will quickly and efficiently conduct a needs analysis for you and recommend a purchasing plan and IT Infrastructure strategy. Benefiting from our unrivalled experience and long term professional relationships, JCom will make sure you get the right solutions for your business and provide you with cost effective and efficient managed Infrastructure solutions.

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    Bespoke IT Solutions

    Your corporate IT Services and Infrastructure must be aligned to the needs of your business or organisation and where necessary optimising your existing systems and upgrading selected components as and when required.

    It is our job to understand your business model and objectives – and we probably already have experience of working in a similar sector, solving similar problems.

    JCom can intelligently apply our specialist knowledge to deliver viable solutions that will benefit your business, relieve the pressure on your internal IT resource and increase operability and efficiency across your organisation.


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    JCom specialises in:

    • Long term IT strategy planning services
    • Delivery of all IT Infrastructure, both Hardware, software and communication services
    • Professional IT services including Migrations, Cloud Deployment, Implementation, Configuration, Security, Support and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.
    • IT Service Management, Infrastructure Rationalisation and Business Automation
    • GDPR & ISO27001 and other Information Security and IT standards and Best Practice services
    • Managed and On Site IT Services including 24/7 Monitoring, Break/Fix, Virtualisation, Mobile Device Management and Unified Communications
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