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    IT Services and Solutions London

    Welcome to JCom. We specialise in providing IT Solutions and Professional Services to businesses in London and have been doing so for over 20 years. With our years of experience, we help businesses of all sizes in and around London to efficiently and effectively manage their infrastructure. 

    We are devoted to providing outstanding support and customer services through a cooperative client relationship. Our friendly team of qualified specialists deliver passionate services and professional advice to businesses situated in and around London. We take our time to understand your business goals, so we can deliver innovative, sustainable, flexible and bespoke IT Solutions. Here at JCom, our main goal is providing high customer satisfaction every step of the way.


    IT Solutions for Your Business

    So, what exactly is an IT Solution? An IT Solution connects the elements of products, services, and the underpinning infrastructure. We focus on providing IT Solutions that answer the technical difficulties you may face when running your own business in London. At JCom, we offer six services, these include; 

  • IT Solutions


    Using our specialist knowledge, we ensure that each business has fully optimised systems in place, and upgrade the appropriate components where and when required. We also take into account your budget and provide you with the best licensed products for your needs. This includes software such as: Microsoft Office 365, Citrix, VMWare and more.



    JCom will help you to find the right direction for your IT and Infrastructure. Since the origin of our business, we have provided IT consultations and strategies to many businesses. As well as this, we are also an ISP (internet service provider) that provides IT infrastructure, private cloud services and more.



    We completely manage both IT security compliance and standards. GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) defines the main practices we cover, including compliance of standards and laws. Examples of what we can specifically help you with includes: finance, disaster recovery, compliance of standards (ISO27000, BS25999 etc.) and business continuity to name a few. 

    For instance, business continuity is highly important as a business need to be able to function effectively after a disaster. With our private cloud services, we prevent disasters from occurring as data is constantly taken from the private cloud, being co-located and mirrored to our data centres.

  • IT Connectivity


    Jcom has supplied both hardware and software services to companies in London for 20 years now, building relationships with companies such as Microsoft and Dell. As well as supplying hardware and software, we provide hardware maintenance and support, end of life support for hardware, hardware leasing or loans and so forth.



    This is our complete offer of services such as: cloud services, IT management services, IT infrastructure, licensing, maintenance and cyber security to mention but a few. With our complete managed IT services, all systems and services would be functioning seamlessly and efficiently. Also, in the event of any issues, JCom will ensure that it is resolved successfully. 



    Being partnered with an ISP (Internet Service Provider) means we can source and supply the best hosting, integrated networks and combined communications in the UK and Europe. As well as this, we could possibly make your telephone system cheaper and more efficient by providing the following: a better PBX (Private Branch Exchange), voice searches through a private cloud and mobile device management to name but a few. 


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