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  • IT Solutions

    Managed and Hosted IT Communications

    We have partnered with an Internet Service Provider to gain more control over our network infrastructure and access to the widest choice of carriers. This means as an independent ISP partner and Managed Service Provider we can source and deliver the best integrated networks, hosting and unified communications throughout the UK and Europe for your business.

    Data Centres

    Our partners have presence in Data Centres all over the UK,  we provide Private Cloud, Data, Managed Voice and Business Continuity Services. Our dedicated 10Gbps circuits are geographically diverse and provide multiple routes to the Internet and PSTN.  All data is protected by state of the art Firewalls. Our multiple endpoints around the UK are monitored by our UK based Network Operations Centre, supported by our 24/7/365 UK based Service Desk.

  • IT Connectivity

    Hosted PBX

    If your company still uses a traditional PBX System or ‘Private Branch Exchange’ your telephone system could be cheaper, faster & more efficient by using a ‘hosted’ PBX or Cloud PBX System. Why?

    The ‘internet of everything’ will dramatically improve how your company’s telephone services are delivered. Hosted or cloud based services deliver ‘unified voice’ functions, stripping away a whole raft of costs and complications. Traditional PBX Systems are in-house pieces of hardware that are expensive to buy, take up space and cost a lot to maintain. It’s old, expensive technology. Look at the drawbacks:

    • Expensive to install, often thousands of pounds
    • Expensive to maintain – changes often mean rewiring by a qualified engineer
    • Hard to upgrade, inflexible
    • No back up – if it goes wrong your whole telephone system goes down
    • Uses expensive office space


  • IT Services

    Voice Services with Private Cloud

    In contrast, delivering voice (and data) services through the cloud has enormous advantages. If you use a Private Cloud solution the PBX is hosted, so cheaper to use and easy to maintain. The risks of hardware failure are eliminated and any changes are straightforward. You’ll benefit from:

    • Easy adaption as you company grows or changes
    • Easy upgrades
    • Local phone numbers, even if you’re located elsewhere
    • Fast deployment – get up and running fast.

    Configuring the system to match how you operate has never been quicker or more efficient.  Hosted PBX will save you time by managing voice communications with the benefits that IP solutions can offer. Features can include:

    • Sophisticated call answering and message options
    • Conference calling
    • Call recording or monitoring
    • Holding messages or music
    • Remote access for staff
    • Business rules, and predetermined call times across multiple regions
    • Global or regional integration
    • Cheaper call, nationally and internationally
    • Mobile phone integration
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    Mobile Device Management and Advanced Mobile Communications

    The distinction between Mobile devices and PCs is now negligible and both can function like the other.

    The benefits of using a Smartphone as a PC are massive including:

    • Single Device
    • Secure and Encrypted
    • Single cost including Apps and Calls
    • Full PC Emulation
    • Cloud Based Storage