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    IT Consultancy & Design Services

    If you are company that has grown, altered its business model or changed organically, the increase in demand places an ever growing need to enhance the IT Infrastructure.  Hot desking, private devices, special projects, visitor networks, Business Continuity or archived emails – companies today face a series of IT challenges in order to support an even more mobile workforce handling more data than ever. Are your IT systems able to give you the flexibility and ease of use that you need it to?

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    Are your systems aligned to your business?

    Often as companies grow, IT Systems have grown on an ad hoc basis which cause them to become complicated and inefficient.  There comes a time when they begin to restrict and consume management time.   It is at this point that strategic planning for the future of the companies IT Infrastructure and services needs to be organised and IT Consultancy services may be required.

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    Delivering a long term plan

    At JCom we have over 30 years’ experience in planning and delivering IT Infrastructure for a wide variety of market sectors. Our IT Consultancy services and strategic planning will deliver agile and flexible infra that meets the ever changing business needs.  Being independent, we partner with the world’s best hardware & software vendors, part of why we have one of the best client retention rates in the IT sector.

    • Long term strategic planning
    • Delivery of all IT Infrastructure
    • International coverage, integration & support
    • Key Performance Indicators and flexibility
    • Special projects, remote workers
    • Fully outsourced solutions or resources when you needs them
    • Agile, responsive partnerships to deliver long term success.


    With a team of over 200 expert consultants, engineers and account managers, JCOM is an established business with a long, proud, IT heritage. You will further benefit from our resources and infrastructure. We are an ISP with three data centres and deliver IT Infrastructure, Private Cloud and associated data and Business Continuity Services.

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    IT Service Management

    IT service management covers a broad range of IT related activities – directed by the businesses IT Strategy including policies, organized and structured into processes and supporting procedures including design, planning, delivery, operational control, Cyber and Information Security and Compliance. Covering issues such as:

    • Incident Management
    • Problem Management
    • Change and Release Management
    • Asset and Cost Register and Control
    • Action Request Management
    • Performance Analytics
    • Security Management
    • Compliance Control and Management
    • JCom has extensive experience of working with the 3 main providers of tools and services in the ITSM arena including:
    • BMC Software
    • Computer Associates
    • Servicenow


    If you are looking to implement ITSM or upgrade an existing installation then please get in touch.