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    Managed IT Services and Cloud Services Infrastructure

    Your One Stop Shop for all your Managed IT Services, IT Infrastructure, Cloud Services, Software Purchase, Licensing, Support, Maintenance, Infrastructure Management, Mobile Device Management & Unified Communications, Information & Cyber Security, Compliance & Best Practice and Business Automation and productivity improvement services.

    With JComplete’s Managed IT Services, we’ll ensure that your business’s hardware, software, IT Infrastructure, Cloud Services and other systems run smoothly and efficiently at all times and if you get any problems, JCom will be there to see you through to a successful conclusion.
    Managed IT Services from JComplete gives you:

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    Proactive management

    We prevent IT issues from occurring in the first place with 24/7/365 support, Maintenance and Constant monitoring utilising new Technologies such as AI.

    Managed IT Services

    Modern businesses need predictability to stay within budget. Choose JComplete proactive IT services and support, pay one flat fee for them every month and say i return you will receive round the clock 27/7 support for any of your IT needs. Whether you need someone to provide a fully managed IT service, or if you need general support. Say goodbye to unexpected expenses and hello to better planning.

    JComplete Cloud Services

    the cloud is a recent innovation that many businesses have needed in order to adopt so that they can keep up with modern business. Our cloud services allow you and your employees to collaborate at greater lengths, share data securely and improves productivity. By incorporating the cloud into your business you can keep your business up-to-date with modern productivity solutions.

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  • IT Connectivity

    Remote & OnSite IT Support

    Our engineers can support clients anywhere in the world from our UK offices through secure remote access software and UK based IT engineer site visits to troubleshoot and resolve service affecting computer and telephone issues.

    Or if you require hands-on solutions we provide engineers who specialise in providing IT support onsite.

    Strategic Guidance and Consultancy

    We plan your IT systems ensuring they are aligned to your business objectives and future needs.

    Cyber Security

    Centralised management and real time visibility of Anti-Virus, Anti Malware, Anti Exploit and Data Encryption services for all End Points. Integrated Information and Data Protection services and support.

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  • IT Solutions

    IT Connectivity Teddington

    Providing everything your business needs from telephone lines to high-speed Internet connectivity and mobile devices designed to keep you connected. Thanks to modern IT engineering, we can now provide cloud computing, Onsite and offsite IT support and managed IT services to ensure that your business is as connected as it can be.

    Jcom’s logistical integration system allows users to direct data streams in real time throughout your business. Need different departments to work closely on a project? With Jcom’s IT Connectivity service, we can seamlessly connect all aspects of your business with each other so that all employees can work in synch.

    Jcom provides business throughout Teddington with a fully bespoke IT connectivity service to ensure that all aspects of your business’ IT is interconnected with each other, meaning that your employees can work at maximum efficiency with minimal IT roadblocks. Allow different teams to work in synch with each other by allowing the work and communication to be connected through Jcom’s IT Connectivity service.

    Unified Communications

    Unified communications bridges the gap between VoIP and other computer related communication technologies whereby communication tools are integrated so that organisations can manage all their communications integrated with their IT Infrastructure.

    Single Point of Contact

    JCom acts as a One Stop Shop for all your IT and telephone needs.