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    Fully managed IT and Information Security Standards & Compliance

    Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) covers the issues around compliance to standards and National and International laws. GRC is a key component of modern IT Systems encompassing areas such as Finance & Anti-Bribery, Tax Evasion, Employment Legislation, Disaster Recovery to Information Security and Business Continuity. That’s why organizations need to build resilience around their systems and Infrastructure to ensure information security and operational efficiencies and management. JCom can help with:

    • ISO27000 & ISO27001
    • PCI:DSS
    • Sarbanes Oxley
    • BS25999 – Business Continuity

    Specifically JCom has extensive expertise in the Internationally recognized ISO 27000 Series of standards and is an excellent framework which helps organizations manage and protect their information assets so that they remain safe and secure.

    Jcom implements and puts in place the IT security that every business needs to ensure that all personal and private information is contained within the business premises.

    Our team of consultants will assist you to achieve full compliance from either a standing start or to get you over the line including

  • IT Solutions

    IT Audit Services

    Are you paying too much? Is your IT the best it can be?

    All modern companies are being increasingly open to technological change and increasing compliance to new regulations and laws.  Cloud, Remote Working, Hot Desking, Regional Offices, B.Y.O.D and Managed Print can all enable better and more cost effective systems if they are properly aligned to your business.

    How do you know if your current practices are affording you the best value or productivity for your budget?

    Get JCom to audit your systems and their functions.

    JCom provide an In Depth Audit for companies within the UK who are using or considering cloud computing or Managed Print services.

    Get A Free IT Security Audit

  • IT Connectivity

    Managed Print Audit

    We will audit your managed printer estate as well as your Managed Print contract should you have one.  This will ensure that you are able to get the most cost effective and efficient approach to print, which in turn will contribute greatly to corporate profits.  We have found that a typical Print Audit shows savings of around 20% of current costs or will allow more functionality for your currently budgeted costs.

    The audit process will cover:

    • An evaluation of the existing infrastructure
    • Support service efficiency
    • Printer estate review
    • Usage review
    • Review of operational costs
    • Documentation flow
    • Office print procedures
    • ISO / ITIL compliance where applicable
    • Recommended improvements in technology cost savings and print strategy


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    Cloud Audit

    The most surprising thing that has emerged during our Cloud Audit history is the low level of data security and backup procedures.  If you are entrusting your data to a third party it is of paramount importance that your data is both secure and available to you on demand when you need it.

    The audit process will cover:

    • Review of existing cloud usage
    • Review of your data security
    • Review of your business continuity, disaster recovery and all associated documented procedures
    • Evaluation and relevance of alternative cloud services
    • Review of current network design
    • Recommended improvements in operational cloud philosophy
    • Achievable objectives and likely costs


    Get A Free Cloud Audit

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    Business Continuity

    With the advent of cloud services, the way businesses plan for disaster recovery has changed forever. By using a cloud service to deliver IT delivery it has become much more efficient. However, our private cloud has many other benefits especially when it comes to Business Continuity.

    Historically, a company had to take daily backs ups on site then copy over to a mirrored servers at remote locations. Mirroring these critical IT systems also required the software to be identical at all locations. This was (and is) really expensive and should the worst happen recovering from a disaster could take a few days.

    With Private Cloud, there is never a disaster to recover from! When all your data is being continually pulled from your own Private Cloud co-located & mirrored in our Data Centres, Business Continuity is ‘designed in’ and is immune from any disaster, even if your office does blow up.

    With JCom Cloud we will:

    • Mirror from desktops to Data Centre
    • Mirror between our two Data Centres
    • Achieve Business Continuity whatever the circumstances
    • Plan that a disaster will have as little effect on your services as possible
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    Disaster Recovery

    Not all cloud services are as secure as the JCOM model. Our three Data Centres offer seamless mirroring between Virtual Server Farms and Storage Area Networks all protected by High Availability Enterprise Class Firewalls.

    If you are already using cloud services, we will be happy to audit your supplier’s strategy with respect to data security, Business Continuity and disaster recovery.   Should we find that the service provided was not secure enough, we would propose a disaster recovery scenario in the event of an unplanned outage by linking you into our Data Centres to cover such a contingency.

    From research carried out by IDC, nearly half of all businesses that lose data during a disaster never reopen, while the hours of downtime range from 300 to 1,200 per year and can amount to as much as 16% of annual revenue. The risks are clear if you have recovery systems pre-dating Private Cloud, or no cloud at all.

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    Why JCom Managed Print Service?

    A dedicated UK help desk proactively monitors your fleet of printers and multifunctional devices using industry leading Print Management Software to ensure high up-time for your business, allowing your IT department to focus on other projects, rather than worrying about print. We detect when toner and parts are required and these are dispatched for when you need them. Should there be a fault there is a response within four hours and a next business day fix, which is unique.

    Nationwide UK stock locations ensure your business does not stop. JCom will work with you to maximise your print investment and look at innovative ways to improve business processes and cost control. The JCom MPS service is designed to evolve in line with changing business needs. Intelligent and comprehensive monitoring allows us to keep your entire print fleet working to the highest levels of quality and performance.

    Our MPS is not static, and as technology and business practice evolves so too does our service approach. Choosing JCom as your single point of contact for your MPS across the enterprise will save money, while increasing workforce productivity and satisfaction. With our MPS offering, you will transform your existing print estate, minimising printing costs and gaining a clear forecast of future spend.

    • Reduce downtime
    • Reduce capital tied up in on site stored consumables – automated toner alerts
    • Improved user experience
    • Increased functionality
    • Reduced waste
    • Green benefits – reduced power consumption and less paper used
    • Remote monitoring – proactive maintenance