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Why is it Important to Have a Business Phone System in Place?

Regardless of the industry you operate in, a phone system is a necessity for any business – large or small. Whether you need to make contact with suppliers, provide a way for customers to get in touch, or you need an internal communication system that’s more reliable than email, a solution that’s tailored to your individual business needs can help you operate more efficiently. Here are a few reasons why you should think about introducing a business phone system today:

  1.   Easy adaption and expansion

As a business, expansion and growth should be something you’re striving for, rather than avoiding due to the complications and cost of additional resources. Having a phone system already in place allows for easier and more seamless expansion when it’s time to grow your business.


  1.   Advanced features

Business phone systems provide advanced features that will make your business run more smoothly, and the lives of your employees easier compared to standard phones. You can easily host conference calls for meetings internally and with customers or other contacts. You can also automatically forward calls to mobiles for employees that are likely to be on the road a lot.

Also, if your business operates in different areas to where your office is based, you can use phone numbers that are local to the area. For example, if your business operates in another country, but your customer service team is based in the UK, you can choose a phone number local to your customers so that they aren’t deterred from calling your team to make an enquiry or even a purchase.


  1.   A professional company image

When customers/potential customers phone your business they’ll expect a professional image. If anything seems unprofessional, they may take their business elsewhere.

A business phone system will provide a professional business front to callers. You can set up hold messages/music for anyone that’s waiting, business rules (for example out of hours messages), and numbered options to efficiently direct the caller to the relevant department.


  1.   Lower cost

A fully integrated phone system reduces communication and IT costs when compared to individual phones or mobiles. It also allows you to see an overview of call quantity and length per employee, so you can keep an eye on unnecessary calls to cut down spending.


  1.   Increased security

Many businesses use a BYOD (bring your own device) system, where employees use their personal mobiles for work. This may keep costs down but does pose a huge security risk as your employees will have lots of your company data on unsecure devices. A business phone system can be set up with the required security measures to keep all of your data safe.


  1.   One unified number

One of the key benefits of installing a business phone system is having one shared phone number. Having one unified number with extension numbers for different individuals and departments makes it much easier for contacts to get in touch, and maybe even memorise the main number if they’re a regular customer.


If you’re convinced by these benefits and are interested in getting a business phone system set up, feel free to get in touch for our expert help.